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Watermelon Radish by Early Morning Farm CSA

Watermelon radishes are a member of the brassica family, that grow large and globular.  The exterior is pale green, and the interior a beautiful bright red, hence their name.  Watermelon radishes are also known as red meat radishes.  This unique vegetable is delicious fresh and raw, as well as warm and cooked.  Pairs well with soft cheese and other crisp vegetables in a slaw.  Try roasting or adding to a stir-fry for a new dish.


Store unwashed in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, watermelon radishes will keep for several weeks.


Wash and pat dry.  Remove tops and bottoms, if you prefer a less spicy radish peel with a vegetable peeler.  If you enjoy the peppery radish flavor no need to peel!  Thinly slice and sprinkle with ume plum vinegar, add to salads, roast and top with crumbled goat cheese.  These will brighten up any dish!


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