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Warm Mizuna, Arugula, & Spinach Salad with Shitake Mushrooms

The CSA Shares from Week 1 are filled to the brim with fresh greens. This simple salad combines mizuna, arugula, and spinach with a warm vinaigrette and shitake mushrooms roasted in olive oil and tamari. This salad was inspired by our bacon version – it’s so good we had to come up with a vegetarian version that is just as good if not better! This salad is hearty enough for a meal, if you use all of the greens it will be huge! Feel free to half for smaller quantities. The dressing is tangy, so if you’re looking for something more mild cut back on the vinegar. Start with the mushrooms and clean the greens while they’re cooking. Remove the stems from clean shitakes and cut into strips. Combine tamari and oil, then toss with mushrooms.

Warm Mizuna, Arugula, & Spinach Salad with Shitake Mushrooms

Warm Mizuna, Arugula, & Spinach Salad with Shitake Mushrooms

Roast on a baking pan lined with parchment at 425F for about 25 – 30 minutes, stirring about halfway through. While the mushrooms are baking clean the greens.  Start by removing the stems from the greens and chopping or tearing into bite-sized pieces. I washed all the greens in one big batch, submerging them in water several times before spinning them completely dry.

Warm Mizuna, Arugula, & Spinach Salad with Bacon

When the mushrooms are ready combine the dressing ingredients and gently heat on the stovetop just until warm.The dressing should be warm enough to gently wilt the greens. Combine the salad and dressing, toss until wilted. Season with salt + pepper to taste then add mushrooms and serve.

Warm Mizuna, Arugula, & Spinach Salad with Shitake Mushrooms


Warm Mizuna, Arugula, & Spinach with Bacon

1 Bunch Arugula
1 Bunch Mizuna
1/2 bunch of spinach
1/2 lb of shitake mushrooms
3 tablespoons tamari
3 tablespoons olive oil


3 Tablespoons olive oil
2 Red Wine vinegar
½ teaspoon Dijon Mustard
½ teaspoon maple syrup

Cook the mushrooms.  Preheat oven to 425F.  Remove stems, wash, and dry mushrooms. Combine oil and tamari. Toss with mushrooms. Bake mushrooms on a parchment lined baking pan for 25 – 30 minute stirring halfway through.

Wash greens.  Remove stems from greens and chop or tear into bite-sized pieces.  Put all the greens in a salad spinner and wash thoroughly, then spin completely dry.

Make the vinaigrette.  Whisk olive oil with vinegar, dijon, and maple syrup. Gently warm on stovetop.

Toss greens with warm dressing, add mushrooms, and serve.

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