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Celeriac Mire Poix

Even if you’ve never heard the term “mirepoix” you’ve probably made it more than once.  Mirepoix is typically a combination of onions, carrots, and celery used as base for soups, stews, stocks, and sauces.  The vegetables that make up mirepoix are often referred to as aromatics, and different regions have their own version.  Maybe you’ve heard of the holy trinity (onions, carrots, and bell peppers) in Cajun cooking?  I tried this version , using the root of the celery, celeriac from the December Winter CSA Share box and the substitution works perfectly.  All the same flavors, and a slightly different texture.  I tried it again in a pureed root vegetable soup, and I’ll definitely make it again!

Celeriac Mire Poix

If this is your first time breaking down a celeriac check out our tutorial here.  We broke cleaning and chopping down into a few easy steps!  The key here is chopping everything into a fine dice.  Take your time, you’ll use half a celeriac to one onion and one carrot.

Celeriac Mire Poix

Sauté over medium heat, and then use as a base in your favorite soup, stew, or sauce!  Try it anywhere  carrots, onions, and celery are called for.  This also lends itself well to variations.  Try adding herbs, butter, bacon or pancetta.  Mirepoix can be roasted or sautéed.

Celeriac Mire Poix

Celeriac Mirepoix

1/2 celeriac, peeled and washed
1 large onion
1 large carrot
1 tablespoon olive oil

Chop vegetables into a fine dice.

Heat olive oil over medium low heat.  Sauté 10-12 minutes until vegetables are softened.  Use as a base for any soup, stock, stew, or sauce.

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