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Celeriac is a brown knobby root, that peels away to a smooth white interior.  Grown specifically for it’s root, celeriac is a variety of celery and has a distinct celery flavor that is brought out in salads.  When cooked celeriac becomes mellow and creamy.  Celeriac has a long shelf life.


Store unwashed, wrapped loosely in plastic.  Celeriac will last weeks, and up to two months.


Some celery stalks may be attached, these are generally considered to fibrous for cooking, but can be used for making stock.  Remove stalks, and thick skin.  You will lose about 1/4 of the celeriac when it is peeled.  Rinse peeled celeriac thoroughly.  Shred or thinly slice for salads and slaws.  Delicious roasted, in soups and stews, and braised.


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