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The Best Salad Spinner

If you’re looking for one tool to add to your kitchen after you join our CSA, it’s a salad spinner, hands down. You probably have everything you need already in your kitchen, but our salad spinner gets a workout in the summer and not just for lettuce. It’s also not just for drying! The strainer in the basket is perfect for washing, and if you want to triple wash your greens you can submerge them right in the bowl. I’ve tried a few different salad spinner styles and the OXO brand is the best. The stainless steel bowl is my favorite. It’s a great shape and the bowl can double as a serving bowl. If you want to get the cheaper plastic model it also works great, but in my experience the stainless steel bowl will last longer.

Why we love the OXO Brand:

  • The bowl spins by pushing down on a “pump” which also locks into the bowl for storage. It’s much more durable than the models with the string.
  • Spins smoothly and has a “stop” button that works great.
  • Easy to wash – and the lid is easy to take apart and re-assemble. I usually just rinse.
  • Stainless steel bowl doubles as serving bowl.

Great ways to use a salad spinner:

  • Wash and dry lettuce.
  • Triple wash heartier greens like kale, swiss chard, etc.
  • Spin eggplant dry after salting.
  • Washing and drying fresh herbs.
  • Washing berries.
  • Soak any hard to clean fruit or veggie in the bowl, and then lift out the strainer.


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