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Putting the top purlin on a new high-tunnel

Today didn’t start out feeling like spring.  When I woke-up there was still a foot of wet snow covering everywhere that hadn’t been plowed or shoveled out and the temperature was 5 degrees.  Can it really be time to start seeding in the greenhouse again?

By the time Chris arrived, I was surrounded by seed packets on the floor of the office.  I picked out onions, leeks, parsley, sage, thyme, celeriac, and celery to start the season off again.  The snow was weighing heavy on the greenhouse and the winter had already damaged part of the side boards.  Chris shoveled the piles of snow which were holding up the snow on the roof of the greenhouse. As soon as a pile started looking lean… down came a cascade of heavy wet snow from the greenhouse roof… more shoveling.

By afternoon, finally, we had cleared the snow, made some repairs, and there was seeding going on!  And we’re off!

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