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Recipes on Toast

Dinner in a hurry? You’re just a CSA Share box and a local loaf of bread away. Order a loaf of Wide Awake Bakery bread from Good Life Farm’s CSA+, they’re delivering to many of our pick-up sites this spring! Pick-up you share and fresh bread together, dinner will be a cinch. One of our favorite local chefs Frank Purazzi will whip up a poached egg on brioche for a quick dinner, and I have to agree, although I’d tuck some greens underneath. (this makes a great breakfast as well). Here’s some of our favorite meals on toast. Did we miss any? Let us know?

Crispy Egg and Braised Tatsoi (pictured above). Quick braise softer greens like tatsoi or bokchoy, toast some bread, and fry an egg. Dinner is quick and satisfying.

Cured Vegetables Try our vegetable charcuterie! Great way to use up leftover root vegetables.

Pickles Not just for cucumbers. Top of a piece of toasted bread with pickles and add crumbled cheese or a fried egg.

Beans and Greens by Early Morning Farm CSA

Beans and Greens This is a great way to stretch one recipe into two meals or use up leftovers. Serve warm or cold over freshly toasted bread.

Slaw We make a ton of fresh, crunchy slaws especially during the summer months. Mounds some on top of fresh toasted bread, or even between two slices.

Apple & Acorn Squash Purée. Turn one of our favorite appetizers into a meal by serving it on a larger piece of bread.  Acorn Squash Crostini

Basil Pesto by Early Morning Farm CSA

Pesto. By far my favorite condiment of the summer, enjoy pesto year-round by stashing portions in your freezer. Top a thick slice of bread with pesto, enjoy as is or add cheese and broil, top with an egg, bacon, or fresh tomatoes. Check out our list of pestos for ideas.

Braised Cabbage & Apples with Bacon. This sweet and sour side dish makes a big batch with great leftovers. We added it to turkey sandwiches for a quick psuedo-rueben, but it would be just as good warmed over a hearty loaf.

Grilled Pepper Salad. I can’t wait until summer for a variety of reasons, but this grilled pepper salad is one of them. Loaded with flavor from balsamic vinegar and feta, just whip this up and pile on baugette or sourdough. Perfect summer meal.

Watermelon Radish Tea Sandwich

Radish and Butter. A classic combo, try these open faced, or just slice any radish and serve on bread buttered with salted local butter.

Kale Salad. Hearty kale leaves make a great salad that can be dressed far in advance. Try grilled kale salad over ricotta on toast, or smoky kale salad over a piece of buttered baugette.

Heirloom Tomatoes. The last is the simplest. Layer tomato slices over fresh bread, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Spread mayo or ricotta over the bread if desired or try topping with fresh mozzarella.




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