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Easy Baked Tofu

This is a basic, and easy baked tofu recipe that goes well with stir-fry, roasted vegetables, in soup, or even a salad. It’s similar to our grilled tofu recipe, and even though my vegetarian days are long gone it’s often on our table. Marinate the tofu for as long as you can (even an hour helps), and bake until the edges brown. Try some local ginger in the marinade – you can order it from Good Life Farm!

Easy Baked Tofu

Easy Baked Tofu

Baked Tofu

1 lb tofu, water squeezed out, cut into rectangles, squares, or triangles
1/4 cup tamari
1 tablespoons toasted sesame oil
1 tablespoons olive oil
1 grated garlic clove
1 tablespoon grated ginger

Whisk together marinade ingredients. Place tofu in a baking dish, and pour marinade ingredients over the tofu. Marinate one hour or up to overnight in the refrigerator, flipping occasionally. Bake 30 -35 minutes at 400F.

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