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Summer is Here!

Summer is officially upon us and our harvests will slowly change over the next few weeks into the more heavy summer crops. In a few weeks we’ll start to see fresh Beets with greens, early Cabbages, Summer Squash, and the first Cucumbers.  Here’s whats on the picking list for the upcoming week

We should continue having Strawberries until at least the end of next week, and it also seems highly likely that we’ll continue to have lettuce in the shares through next week.  Spinach, Mustard Greens, and arugula are pretty much done for the spring – they dont like the heat! – but they will be back for the second half of the CSA share season.

Early in the week for the Syracuse CSA route, there may be another picking of radishes, but that may be all there is (until fall).  Kohlrabi and those Hakurei Turnips are probably going to end up in the CSA boxes. There is plenty of Kale in the fields, but we’ll do our best to rotate that out of the mix next week.  We have Collard Greens, Escarole, and possibly Swiss Chard that we can fill the shares with instead.  There’s also a good chance that Parsley and Napa Cabbage will end up in the CSA boxes.

Another big thing that should be coming up is Sugar Snap Peas – it’s a short season but they may be ready next week! We also have some storage roots to go through, Beets, Carrots, and Sunchokes.  This may be the last week for storage roots and we may not get all three of the storage items into the boxes.

Here’s the forecast in list form:

Good Chance:
Hakurei Turnips
Collard Greens
Napa Cabbage

Some Chance:
Sugar Snap Peas
Bok Choi
Baby Bok Choi
Storage Beets and Carrots

Done Until the Second Half of the CSA Season
Mustard Greens

Update 6-23. We added Broccoli and Scallions to the “some chance” list. And we are not going to put any more Sunchokes in the boxes this season. We may send some boxes of sunchokes to some pickup locations for members add to their boxes if they’d like them.


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