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Using the Dill in Your CSA Share

Fresh dill is very different from dried dill, so the summer is a great time to advantage of this tasty herb. Dill and cucumber are a natural pairing, making weeks that include cucumbers easy. But, dill has so many more uses and compliments several of the vegetables we grow on the farm. What’s your favorite way to use dill? Let us know if we missed anything in the comments.

Using the Dill in Your CSA ShareCucumbers. Although I recommend branching out from this common pairing to some of the other ideas below, cucumber and dill are really wonderful together. Try this easy cucumber dill salad or refrigerator pickles with dill.  A mild tasting vinegar and good olive oil go a long way. You can also make tzatziki – a creamy yogurt dip flavored with dill, cucumbers, and garlic.

Cabbage. Dill is also a great addition to many cabbage dishes, like slaw. Try adding minced dill to creamy or vinegar slaws. Sprinkle dill into braised cabbage,  and add to vegetable soups.

Carrots. Fresh carrots from our field are not far behind our dill harvest! Add chopped dill to steamed carrots with butter, make a creamy soup with carrots and dill, or just grate carrots and season with fresh dill and lemon. Dill with garlic will also compliment carrots nicely.

Beets. This year we’re “planning” (everything on the farm is tentatively “planned”) to include beets in the shares every other week. Dill is an essential ingredient to borscht, try our traditional beef version. We’re also working on a vegetarian version with beet greens – look for that soon! Sprinkle dill on braised beets with butter or add to our Refrigerator Pickle Beets.

Potatoes. Add dill to potato salad for your next picnic, sprinkle over roasted potatoes, or mix into a creamy soup. Just like cucumbers this is a tried and true combination.

More Ideas. Sprinkle chopped dill into hummus – make your own or just add some to store bought hummus. Mix dill into salad dressings, check out our post on Basic Salad Dressings for ideas. Add to marinades for chicken and grilled vegetables, dill is also great with fish. Choose a mild tasting white fish like haddock or even try salmon. Sprinkle dill over smoked salmon at your next brunch or mix some into whipped cream cheese for a fresh bagel spread. Add chopped dill into grain salads, like quinoa or farro salad.

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