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There are so many great reasons to join a CSA this summer. Eat healthy fresh food, value, learn about new foods & cooking techniques, community, the environment, variety, choices, quality, the list goes on! Here’s our top 5 reasons to join a CSA – summer has started, but it’s not too late! Get a pro-rated share and start enjoying your CSA right now.

1. Make a Meaningful Investment in Your Local Food System

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you purchase a share in our farm, you’re helping to protect land from development, support our efforts to be ecological stewards of certified organic farmland, and reducing the miles between your food and your dinner plate.

2. Eat Seasonally Without Even Trying

One of the best things you can do for planet (and your wallet) is eat local, seasonal produce. Joining a CSA takes the guesswork out of eating seasonally, pick-up your box each week and everything will be fresh, in-season, and delicious. Field ripened tomatoes and peppers will always beat wax covered produce that’s travelled miles to the grocery store.

3. Eat Healthier

When you start picking up a box vegetables each week, you’d have to try hard to not eat healthy! Your plates will be overflowing with fresh vegetables. Prep your vegetables in advance and salads will come together in seconds for quick lunches and dinner. Check out our tips for Making the Most of Your CSA Share – your body will thank you! Try new foods and learn more about cooking while supporting a local business.

4. Strengthen Community

When a community comes together weekly to share in the harvest a community is formed. Many of our pick-up sites are hosted at our member’s homes, pick-up sites become a weekly meet-up for swapping recipes, stories, and even produce! CSA members also make a connection with their farmers, bringing them closer to their food.

5. Value

When you purchase a share in a farm, you’re signing on for whatever the harvest has in store. Sure, there’s a chance you’ll miss out on a few things that have crop failure or low yields, but you’ll also get in on abundant crop yields! When we plan our CSA share, we price out the box to make sure that members are paying under the retail value of the box. On top of all that, we give our members 20% off at our farmers’s market booths and access to bulk certified organic produce at a great price.

Ready to join?? Sign-up online or call us at 315.237.9170

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