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You’re likely busy planning and shopping for the Thanksgiving (and Hannukah!) meal, but if you have a houseful of guests the contents of your Thanksgiving CSA Share Box can get you through the whole weekend.  We’re spending the weekend with a big contingent of the family, and while things like parsnips, Brussels Sprouts, and squash are earmarked for the main meal we’ve got plans for fresh soups and salads to round out holiday eating.  Here’s a sampling of dishes from our Recipe Index and Pinterest Page to get you through the holiday making the most of your Thanksgiving CSA Share Box.  Don’t forget- a lot of these cold weather veggies will keep well past the holiday too.

You can start getting ready for fantastic leftovers while you clean up the turkey-don’t throw those bones away!  Use the overnight crock pot method for a rich flavorful stock you can use as the base for soups, stews and more.  If meat’s not your thing save those veggies tops and make a totally vegan stock.

Homemade Stock

Homemade Stock

Use this rich stock (whether turkey or vegan) as a base for Creamy Beet and Fennel Soup, Borscht, and any other hearty soup in your recipe collection.  If you don’t use celeriac in the main meal try it in a soup with turkey stock, like this Celeriac Apple Soup which would be great with local apples.    Last year we cooked up this delicious Turkey Pho, from Food52.  This is a great place to use the kale in from your share box, too!  Another perfect way to use turkey stock and diced leftover turkey is risotto.  We just posted a late fall Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto recipe, but once you feel comfortable with the basic arborio rice, stock, wine, and cheese base for risotto there is really no limit to the combinations of veggies and/or meat.  Try this basic risotto recipe with some sautéed kale and turkey, sautéed leeks and turkey, and even beet risotto!

Your leftovers will also make a homey and delicious potpie.  Try this recipe from Smitten Kitchen for inspiration, sub turkey for chicken and get creative with roots from your CSA Share Box.   Or pay Martha Stewart a visit and try this turkey potpie topped with mashed potatoes (or mashed parsnips!).  Vegetarians try this gem from Tasting Table, again getting creative with your root veggies and cabbages.

Butternut Squash and Sage Risotto

Nothing will dress up the leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing like a fresh simple salad.  Fennel makes a great addition to any salad, raw or roasted.  We posted directions on cutting a fennel to get you started.  Watermelon radishes are beautiful and taste great too!  They’re crispy and spicy raw and delicious when roasted and topped with crumbled goat cheese.  Even in late fall a simple slaw using the Wakefield cabbage as a base, is always refreshing, get creative with additions like the fennel and radishes.


If you have a houseful of guests turn to your CSA Share box for breakfast and brunch additions too!  Throw some diced parsnip or celeriac in a breakfast hash, pick up some local eggs (and bacon!) to  make this Kale Turnip Frittata.  We used Harukei turnips, but the pink ones will work just fine.  Try the Leek Gruyere Tart with eggs on the side.

This is really a small sampling of the possibilities.  If you’re whipping up something creative with your Thanksgiving (and Hannukah!) leftovers and CSA Share box we want to hear about it!  Let us know in the comments.

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