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Thanksgiving Leftovers

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Is it the meal the day of or the meals that come after? The gravy and stuffing or turkey and cranberry? The combinations of favorites are endless, but one things for sure there are bound to be leftovers. Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday, mostly because it’s all about the food. Living in New York State makes us luckier than most for local options. Roast up a Good Life Farm Turkey, grab some extras from them like cranberries and ginger, your winter CSA share box and get started. If you’re still planning the meal start here. If you’re on to the days after, here are our favorites. Don’t forget, you can never go wrong with turkey, cranberry, and brie on local sourdough.

Brunch. If you’ve got company whip up an extra large frittata Friday morning with whatever you have leftover in your CSA box. Here’s our not recipe for inspiration. Hopefully you’ll have some Autumn’s Harvest Farm bacon in your freezer to go with it. Turnip & Parsnip Hash is the perfect side. If you have more time on your hands try Carrot Cake Pancakes – you and your guests won’t regret it!

Leftover Turkey. Start by simmering a big pot of homemade stock (I used two big pots las year). Then make a quick batch of Turkey Pho – it’s nice and light. For something more hearty try Turkey Leek Pot Pie or Risotto.

Meals for a crowd. Even if turkey’s not your thing try making some of our favorites in the days after Thanksgiving – perfect for if you have a full house. I’m partial to Roasted Root Vegetable Pot Pie. Big pots of soup that simmer all day on the stove are great for guests. Try Butternut Squash Chili – perfect for vegetarians and omnivores!

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