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This is the best news to hit Ithaca since the snow melted – we’re delivering our CSA Shares to Greenstar Co-op on Wednesdays! Greenstar makes an amazing pick-up spot for a slew of reasons. Pick-up everything you need in one place! Greenstar is a fully stocked grocery store with natural, organic options of everything you can think of and more. They’re open until 11pm so you won’t have to rush out of work to get your share. A great stop for vegans and gluten free members! Greenstar also shares in our mission of strengthening the community, and expanding access to fresh, locally produced, healthy food. We’re so excited about this new venue!

Our CSA Shares come in 2 sizes  so you can pick the right share for your household size. In addition to weekly deliveries of certified organic veggies our members enjoy a 20% discount at our farmers’ market stands and a weekly meal plan for each box. The meal plan comes with an easy to download shopping list you can use right inside Greenstar! Meal plan e-mails typically go out on Tuesdays so you’ll have a full day to plan your shopping.

The Basic CSA Share is a half bushel box filled to the brim with 7-9 different varieties of vegetables each week.  This share yields 30-35 servings, and the weekly price comes out to just $20 per week.  The total cost of the Basic CSA Share is $460, which can be paid in full with a 2% discount or in 5 monthly installments of $92.

The Premium CSA Share is a 3/4 bushel box filled to the brim each week.  The Premium CSA Share holds 10-12 different varieties and 40-45 servings, making it perfect for larger households and serious vegetable lovers.  The Premium CSA Share is just $5 more per week, breaking down to $25 per week.  The total share cost is $575 per season, pay in full and receive a 2% discount or pay in 5 monthly installments of $115.

To learn more visit the Share Options Page and Sign-up Online!

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