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Fennel Bulbs Ready for the CSA Boxes!

For the most part, the kitchens in gourmet restaurants are stocked with roughly the same ingredients as a home kitchen – but Fennel is an exception to this rule.  Widely used in the finest restaurants, and commonly under-utilized in the home kitchen, fennel is an amazingly versatile veggie!

Last season we snapped some photos of “how to slice a Fennel Bulb” to be honest with you, there are many other ways to cut it.  But the photos will give you good insite into how to break down a bulb.

Sliced thin raw fennel can add a cool crispness with a hint of licorice to a salad.  Fennel can be used as a base with onions, carrots, etc. for roasted meats, poultry and fish.  Chopped fennel and onions slowly sautéed together is the start of many a great meals like our “beet and fennel soup” recipe. Fennel can also be added to heartier soups like Borscht, or chicken soups.

Flavors of some of the sweeter vegetables complement Fennel very nicely.  Red sweet pepers, heirloom tomatoes, even winter squash go well with Fennel.  Fennel is also great roasted with potatoes, and other roots.

We really want to know what you do with Fennel – Let  us know in the comments below!

happy eating!

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