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Week 6 Meal Plan Premium Share

Week 6: July 15th – 19th

Premium Share Box:  LettuceFennel, Basil, Spring Onions, Kale, Cabbage, Summer Squash, Green Bell Pepper, Escarole, Cilantro, Hakurei Turnip

In this week’s box you’ll find some summer favorites like summer squash and green bell peppers! This week’s share also includes our first harvest of cilantro. Try storing your fresh cilantro stems down in a glass of water in the refrigerator. The cilantro can stay good for up to a week if you change the water. The cilantro is a tasty garnish that can be added to some of the recipes in this week’s meal plan like  the cabbage slaw or red fried rice.This week also includes more of our delicious basil, it pairs nicely with the summer squash. There are a variety of green and yellow summer squash going into the boxes. Summer squash is great raw and lightly cooked. We harvested 4 different types of cabbage this week, your box will have one of the following: ruffled leaf savoy cabbage, green cabbage, red cabbage, or cone-shaped Wakefield cabbage. We’re really enjoying the cipolini onions – use the white bulbs as you would any onion and the green tops like scallions.

Download the shopping list Premium Shopping List Week 6

Kitchen Tips

Guide to Herbs

Prep Tips

Planning ahead can make meals easy during the week. If you have time grab kitchen partner and do a little chopping ahead of time. During the week pull out your prepped items and our recipes are even easier.

Cobb Salad. Wash and tear lettuce into bite size pieces (1-2 days in advance) store in a container with a paper towel wrapped around to absorb any moisture. Boil the eggs and refrigerate in the shell. Cook and crumble the bacon. Make the dressing.

Escarole. Make the breadcrumbs ahead of time. Grate the parmesan. Pre-grated cheese is more expensive, and has anti-caking agents added. Try buying a large hunk of parmesan and grating as you need it or grate the whole thing using the shredding blade of a food processor and storing in a container in the refrigerator.

Shaved Summer Squash and Grilled Pepper Salad. Serve these two salads with your favorite grain, which can be made ahead of time. If I know I’m having brown rice or whole grains for dinner, I turn on the rice cooker in the morning while we’re all getting ready and then reheat it later. Make the dressing for the peppers in advance. You can also pre-cut the veggies for the salads, not more than one day in advance.

Cilantro Slaw. Make the dressing up to 4 days in advance.

Red Fried Rice. Making the rice in advance is the key to making fried rice! If you’re making it at the last minute don’t worry the recipe includes a quick cooling tip. Kale is very sturdy and can be washed and cut 2 -3 days in advance.

Braised Fennel Pasta. Grate enough cheese for the escarole and pasta in advance. If you have homemade stock in the freezer, remember to thaw some in advance for the best flavor.

Omnivore Meal Plan

6c Cobb Salad

Spicy Escarole with Sausage

Summer Squash  Ribbons with Basil & Pine Nuts with

Grilled Pepper Salad – serve with your favorite grain

Cilantro Peanut Slaw with Bratwurst

Red Fried Rice with Kale

Braised Fennel Pasta


Vegetarian Meal Plan

Vegetarian Cobb SaladMeal Plan Week 6

Spicy Escarole with Chickpeas

Summer Squash  Ribbons with Basil & Pine Nuts with

Grilled Pepper Salad – serve with your favorite grain

Cilantro Peanut Slaw with Bean Burgers

Red Fried Rice with Kale

Braised Fennel Pasta – vegetarian variation


Meal Plan Week 6Gluten Free Meal Plan

 Cobb Salad – with or without bacon

Spicy Escarole with Chickpeas or  Spicy Escarole with Sausage

Summer Squash  Ribbons with Basil & Pine Nuts with

Grilled Pepper Salad – serve with your favorite grain

Cilantro Peanut Slaw with Bean Burgers or Bratwurst

Red Fried Rice with Kale

Braised Fennel Pasta – use gluten-free pastawith or without bacon

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