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Stocking Your Kitchen for Your CSA

Chances are you already have everything you need in your kitchen to prepare delicious CSA meals all season long.  But, there might be a few things you want or an extra tool you can pick up that will make breaking down our fresh veggies even easier!  We’re going to share some of our favorites in order from Essential to splurge worthy.  Did we miss any of your favorites?  Let us know what you can’t live without in the kitchen.

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Stocking Your Kitchen for Your CSA

A very sharp knife.  This one comes in 5″ or 7″, and will be the only knife you need in your kitchen.  You might like to have a good bread knife on hand for anything that needs a serrated knife, but seriously one sharp chef knife is all you need.

Salad Spinner.  Indispensable for greens and lettuce, this is also perfect for spinning eggplant through after you sweat it.  Use our triple washing greens method for lettuce and then keep the cleaned lettuce in the fridge for quick salads during the week.

Vegetable Peeler.  You’ll use this all the time on root vegetables, winter squash, and more.  Make sure you have a good one, we love the y-shaped peelers.

Box Grater.  Not just for cheeses!  We grate everything from carrots to butternut squash and beets to add to soups, risottos, and fritters.

Reusable Produce Bags.  Taking a little bit of time to sort our fresh produce and store it in bags will help it last longer in the refrigerator.


Roasted RootsCast Iron Skillet.  The original non-stick pan!  Cast iron skillets are perfect for roasting vegetables and frying fritters.  Just like a good knife, one good pan is all you need, but after you try one you might like a few different sizes.

Dutch Oven. Enameled cast iron heats foods evenly and consistently throughout cooking.  Great for hearty soups and stews, and braising.  Goes from stovetop to oven.

Pressure Cooker.  If you haven’t tried a pressure cooker, it’s a great kitchen tool for quick cooking!  Cook soaked beans in under ten minutes, tender meats, and a quick batch of soup or stew.

Glass Storage Containers.  Plastic will works, but these pyrex containers work great for freezing and storing leftovers. They’ll also last much longer.

Immersion Hand Blender.  Blenders work for pureeing soups and sauces, but if you add an immersion blender to your kitchen you’ll be pleased to see how much easier it is!  Cuts down on the mess from transferring back and forth as well.


Stocking Your Kitchen For Your CSA ShareYou can definitely don’t have to have a stand-up mixer or a Vita-mix, but if you do add one of these to your kitchen they are well made appliances that last forever.

Kitchenaid Mixer.  We use this for pizza dough, frittata, baking,  and more.  Mixing and clean up are a breeze!

Vitamix Blender.  Make smoothies, juices, soups, and even hummus with this powerful blender.  It’s the last blender you’ll buy!

Food Processor .  A lot of people have a small cheap food processor for chopping or a quick pureée.  But if you’re looking for a new, larger model, we love this Kitchenaid 7 cup.  It’s quiet and powerful for pie crusts, spreads, hummus, and more.


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