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This week’s forecast!

This week we started planting our fall brassica (cabbage family) crops. The picture above is our Kale planting crew at the end of the day this Thursday. We planted acres and acres of Cabbage, Kale, Collards, and fall Broccoli, hoping for an abundant fall!

Bunched Beets
Spring Onions
Napa Cabbage


Fennel (end of the week)
Collard Greens

Coming Soon:  


Pro-Rated Shares – Tell Your Friends!

og-signupIt’s absolutely not too late to sign up for a share for this year! We typically raise our price a bit after the season begins but we don’t usually close out sign-ups. So tell your friends and relations about us – they’ll only pay for the weeks remaining when they signup.

(Still) Too Much Rain!

This past week we actually saw things dry out a bit, and we were able to get into the fields and make a dent in the weeds by doing some serious cultivation with the tractors.  However, we are starting to see some of the effects of too much water falling from the sky over an extended period.

Some of our fields have patches where water was standing or where the drainage just couldn’t keep up with the rainfall. When that happens we get uneven stands of crops. Our Spring Broccoli was affected the worst by this, there were spots where it looked great and spots where it was stunted and did not produce at all. This turned a crop that we had hoped to put in all the boxes into a Premium box only item.

We’re seeing the effect on several other crops, notably our first planting of Summer Squash, but we’re hoping with some dryer days that they will bounce back.

Why the selection can be different at the Farmers’ Market

Yes the rumors are true, sometimes we have items at market that aren’t in your CSA boxes! Click here for the Top Four Reasons Why! And don’t forget – as a CSA member you get 20% off – our already low, low prices 🙂 .

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