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Cabbage Varieties left to right: Gonzales (firm and dense), Wakefield type ("pointy" amazingly sweet), Savoy, Tendersweet (true to it's name)

Week 9 is upon us and the Heirloom Tomatoes are starting to come in! We have a variety description posted here. Coming up this week we are going to dig a few rows of potatoes, if they’re looking big enough (a good possibility judging from the few shovel fulls we’ve spot tested) then we’ll have new potatoes in the share this week also.

Cabbage, Cabbage, Cabbage!  We have a Ton (actually, quite a lot more than a ton) of cabbage.  I know we’ve been putting them in the boxes for weeks now and maybe some of you would like a break – but there’s just so much of it and it looks so great.  Plus we know the varieties we’re growing are very sweet and pretty awesome for fresh eating.  Please Share with us in the comments section what you’ve been doing with the cabbages.  Let’s get creative!

Our cucumbers are slowing down a bit, but we’ll still have them in the shares, just not in the quantity we’ve been having them.  Summer Squash and Zucchini are in a similar category. Eggplant is really starting to come on – we’ve never before planted too much eggplant, but we’re starting to think this may be the year the bumper crop hits us for eggplant. Hot peppers will start rotating through the share from now on and we may pick a sampling of the green peppers again this week.  Probably by week 10, we’ll have peppers in the shares for the rest of the season.

Here’s the CSA Harvest Forecast!

Heirloom Tomatoes
Cabbage – please share how you use cabbage!
Summer Squash
Beets, Carrots, or Potatoes

Hot Peppers
Kohlrabi or Radishes (from storage to round out a share box if need be)
Italian Dandelion Greens

Green Peppers

Happy Eating!
Anton and the Early Morning Farm Crew.  

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