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CSA Lettuce Washing

This week our crew spent countless hours hand weeding and hoeing in the fields cleaning up plantings of fall cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi, and pulling the weeds around our peppers and eggplants (which look amazing by the way). We also did one last clean up of our Cilantro beds, and they look ready to start cutting for next week!  Our Kale, Fennel, Lettuce and Basil Plantings are still coming on strong and we should have all of those next week as well. We may send our Thai Basil this week instead of the traditional Italian style. Thai Basil is the secret ingredient in Thai curries and other Asian style cooking.  Our second planting of Escarole is ready, the planting is a little larger and it looks strong and so is a likely candidate for all the boxes. We have more scallions, but we may opt instead to put in some of our lovely bunched spring mini onions. And we have a planting Cabbage out in the field that is ready-ish, we may have to send mixed varieties but we should be able to get a cabbage head in every box. The tentative plan (all “plans” in farming should have the word “tentative” proceeding) with beets this year is to send them in the boxes every other week, so this would be an off week “tentatively”.

Other possibilities for this week include Summer Squash, Japanese Eggplant, Hakurei Turnips, Swiss Chard, and Parsley. Our spring Kohlrabi is finished but will be back in the fall. Peppers, Cucumbers, Eggplants and Carrots are all just around the corner.

New Location – and Prorated CSA Shares

Welcome to our new members from Seneca Falls! This week we started delivering CSA shares to 25 members in Seneca Falls, we are so happy to be serving this community! Also just a quick reminder that we are still accepting CSA shares for this season – Prices are prorated so new members will only pay for the remaining week! Help spread the word we have plenty of food!

The Harvest Forecast

Kale – Red Russian or Curly
Basil – Italian or Thai
Fennel Bulb
Mini Spring Onions or Scallions

Japanese Eggplant
Summer Squash
Hakurei Salad Turnips
Swiss Chard
Napa Cabbage

Comming Soon
Peppers, Eggplant, Carrots, Napa Cabbage, Cucumbers, Onions

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