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pickin-collards at Early Morning Farm

It’s officially Summer now – and while the rain that came down over the last few weeks has basically ruined our Strawberry crop, it has been perfect conditions for most all of the rest of our veggies. The Kale and Collards are beautiful and won’t stop! We’ve picked hundreds of bunches of the dark green leaves but the fields look like they haven’t been touched! Our next planting of Napa Cabbage is almost ready and might make it into the end of week boxes, it looks like Bok Choy is also back next week. Still plenty of Lettuce, Basil, Kohlrabi, and Hakurei Turnips, we’ll probably see those in all of the boxes. We looked at the Fennel Bulbs today and it looks like those will probably be ready next week too. The plantings of Escarole and Scallions we’ve been working from are almost done (there are more plantings ready in a few weeks), but they may be in some boxes. And believe it or not it looks like we have one more week of the Parsnips from cold storage.

Beets are really close to being ready in the field, and our packing manager Anna found some nice looking baby sized Carrots that should be ready in a few weeks. Also are petite little heads of Cabbage in the fields in another week those will start making it into the boxes. Our summer squash is a little slow this year but in a few weeks we should be picking it, Cucumbers ought to be ready at the same time. Onions are also about two weeks away.  Peppers and Eggplants from the high tunnels are only about 3 weeks away!

Here’s the Harvest Forecast!

Kale or Collards
Bok Choy
Hakurei Turnips

Also Possible
Napa Cabbage

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