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Part of the CSA Squash Haul

It’s official – with this weekend’s Autumnal Equinox, a new season begins! And as we’ve been hinting at in earlier posts, Autumn is the heaviest CSA harvest season so our crops are pouring in.  The farm crew has been digging potatoes, leeks, and carrots and our walk-in cooler is jam packed. If fall cabbages could beg, they’d be begging us to pick them as they are just waiting in the field, sweetening as the nights get colder.  But of course we haven’t had time to pick cabbages just yet; instead thousand pound crate after crate of winter squash has been the focus.

The Hakurei Turnips (white, sweet, salad turnips) are back, and there are a number of interesting radishes that are either ready to pick or almost ready.  And the Greens – the hard question for us is which ones shall  we put in your boxes this week, we have Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Kale (of course), Italian Dandelions, Baby Bok Choi, Mizuna, and Arugula, and also plenty of Lettuce.

There was a very light frost this past week – possibly the earliest we’ve seen in this area in quite some time.  Fortunately, it did very little damage – the two crops we were worried about Peppers and Butternut Squash – both pulled through with minimal damage.  Tomatoes are pretty much done for though – not from frost, but from old age and disease – there’s still a few fruits on the vines, but not enough to pick for a CSA distribution.

In our CSA Farm Store  we will be adding Bushel quantities of Winter Squash starting with Delicata and Butternuts.  But we’ll have to wait until Saturday to add these items because the servers for software that hosts the photos for our Farm Store is located in Colorado and is being affected by the tragic flooding taking place there.  The Farm Store is still available and all other items can be purchased.

Saturday Morning Update:  We now have the Bushels of Delicata and Butternut listed on our Farm Store!  We will add Hakurei Turnips latter in the day.

Here’s the Farm Store List This Week:

Broccoli by the Box!

Beets – 25 lbs – $35
Delicata Squash – Half Bushel – $25
Delicata Squash – Bushel – $45
Butternut Squash – Bushel – $35
Green Bell Peppers – Half Bushel – $25
Red or Yellow Bell Peppers – Half Bushel – $35
Jalapeno Peppers – Half Bushel – $35
Sweet Italian Peppers – Half Bushel – $35
Red Russian Kale – Half Bushel – $15
Broccoli – Half Bushel – $15
Lettuce, Mixed Heads – 8 count – $12

Supplies of some Items are limited, order early!


and… The Harvest Forecast!

Leeks or Onions
Beets or Carrots
Kale, Collards or Mustard Greens
Hakurei Turnips
Delicata Squash

Possibly, Maybe, Probably?
Baby Bok Choi

Done For! 


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