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Rhubarb Simple Syrup

The Beginning!

Another great CSA year is ahead of us and we have acres and acres of ground planted. Each week we’ll put together a harvest forecast post on Fridays and send you an email with a link letting you know that we’ve posted it. This week the post will be a little longer than most since we have a few things to cover.

The Forecast!

First off, the harvest forecast for next week!  We have a few items from our cold storage last fall that we’ll be cycling through the first few weeks. They are Beets, Carrots, Celeriac, and Turnips.

Oh, and always remember, these forecasts are, well a forecast – like the weather forecast (maybe slightly more reliable – but still a forecast).

Bok Choi


Coming Soon:
Swiss Chard
Napa Cabbage
Hakurei Turnips



What’s in the Fields?

We now have a page on our website that lists everything we have planted in our fields – just hover over the red dots on the map to see what is in each field. Of course we are always planting – and eventually plantings are exhausted so we’ll update the map each week. This year we added a new field and we are required to manage this field organically for 3 years before we can officially certify it so this field is marked as “transitional” on the field map.  Our 9 other fields are all Certified Organic.

Our Member Guide

It’s a good idea to read through our Member Guide page before the first pick-up. Click here if you haven’t looked it over yet.

Weekly Meal Plan

Each week we’ll send out an email, either the day of or the day before your delivery. This email will detail the contents of the box and provide you with recipes from our website organized into a meal plan. We make 3 versions of the meal plan each week; omnivore, vegetarian, and gluten free. Please make sure you add our email to your contacts and check your spam and promotion folders especially if you use Gmail in a browser.  We don’t want you to miss out on this feature!

Farmers’ Market Discount

In your first box you’ll receive a CSA Membership Card. You can use this card at any of the farmers’ market for a 20% off retail discount on our produce. We attend Saturday markets in Ithaca and CNY Regional market in Syracuse, and Wednesday Farmers’ Markets at East Hill Plaza in Ithaca.

We Re-use the CSA Boxes

Our CSA shares are delivered in waxed cardboard boxes. These boxes cost us over a dollar each, but they can be re-used many times if properly cared for. Carefully fold the box down, avoid ripping the flaps, and return it to your pickup site when you pickup you next share. Here’s a fun video with tips on how to fold down your box – well worth the watch :).

Thank you, Thank You!

Thank you so much for joining our CSA! We have a passionate group of people here at Early Morning Farm we love growing high quality food and being good stewards of our agricultural land by growing organically. We are so very grateful for your support!

Happy Eating!

Anton and the Early Morning Farm Crew!



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