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Early Share Renewal

Save 10% – Sign-up before November 30th

Fall has officially started, on our farm and everywhere! Our Winter CSA Shares sign-ups are coming in – and it’s time once again for Early Renewal Discounts! Renew your share or sign-up before November 30th for a 2015 CSA Share and receive 10% off with full payment. We are also offering a 5% discount on payment plans. Make one payment now, and the remaining four monthly payments in March, April, May, and June. The 10% discount is equal to over 2 free weeks of vegetables, and the 5% discount is equal to over 1 week of free vegetables. As the main season is winding down we’re planning our seed and other orders for the 2015 season. We receive early discounts from our suppliers, so we are able to pass these discounts on to our members for early renewal. These discounts are also available for anyone signing up before November 30th! If you’re looking for ways to increase veggies in your diet and support a local sustainable business it’s a great way to start. Click here for share options and to sign-up online!

2015 Farmers’ Market CSA Changes

We’ve made some changes for the 2015 season to allow our farm to run more efficiently and extend the accessibility of our CSA options. We will no longer be offering the free choice share at the Saturday Ithaca Farmers’ Market. It was a tough decision to make, but we’ve made the choice for a number of reasons.

  • Changing our CSA share distribution to Basic and Premium Share boxes allows us to better plan our planting and harvest. It will also streamline processing and reduce waste.
  • A big part of our mission is accessibility, the more efficient our farm can be the more CSA members we can serve.
  • Our boxed CSA shares are more cost-effective for our customers, our Basic CSA Share breaks down to just $20 per week and the Premium $25 per week. When faced with the choice of increasing the price of the free choice share, versus improving boxed shares, we made the choice to continue our mission of providing an affordable CSA share.
  • We are now able to increase the benefits of membership in our CSA, this year we will offer a 20% discount at all of the farmers’ markets we attend to all of our members. With this new model, a Basic Share member will spend $20 per week on a pre-packed box, if they spend an additional $7 at market to supplement their share they will yield more produce and better value.

CSA Membership Benefits

2 CSA Shares to choose from:

Premium CSA Share

  • Packed in a 3/4 bushel box
  • 10 -12 different vegetables each week
  • 40 -45 servings
  • $575 for the season or $25 per week – before early sign-up discounts

Basic CSA Share

  • Packed in a 1/2 bushel box
  • 7 – 9 different vegetables each week
  • 30 -35 servings
  • $460 for the season or $20 per week – before early sign-up discounts

Weekly Meal Plan – In 2014 we started including a weekly meal plan with each share. With each CSA box members receive a meal plan with 5 meals, a downloadable shopping list, and omnivore, vegetarian, and gluten free options. We also include a list of vegetables, and a link to an info page for each veggie.

Farmers’ Market Discount – All of our CSA members will receive a 20% discount off retail prices at any of our Farmers’ Market stands. We attend the Syracuse Regional Market, the Saturday Ithaca Farmers’ Market at Steamboat Landing, and the Wednesday Ithaca Farmers’ Market at East Hill Plaza.

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