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Early Morning Farm CSAPart of what is required for a piece of land to be classified as eligible for Organic Certification is that land must be treated as if it were already certified for at least 3 years.  Some of the best farmland in New York is right where we live and whenever we get an opportunity to rent or purchase new acreage we feel that it’s a great privilege and  opportunity to be able to bring the land into organic production.

Transitional crops on our farm are grown on land that is being treated as “Organic” by our farm, so no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.  We truly do treat the land and the crops with the same care and respect that we use with all of the food we grow.  This year we have planted our Winter Squash, Fall Broccoli, and Fall Kale crops on our transitional fields, it’s a small portion of what we grow but it’s important to us that you understand how these crops are grown.  We will update this page with distribution dates as we start packing these crops in your boxes.

Transitional Crops Harvested 2013

Winter Squash Distributed to CSA: 9/2 – 11/1 of 2013

Kale Distributed to CSA: 10/1 – 11/15, 2013

Fall Broccoli  Distributed to CSA:  9/2-7, and 9/10 – 10/11, 2013

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